For many years we were driving and cycling by the beautiful abandoned villa on the hill, in the small settlement called Lonzan. When our company bought it, we immediately started working on the plans and on the restoration. Although it was in a really poor condition it took just one year to provide the house with all the comfort and reveil its charme. A particular attention was put to natural building materials and pastel colours that are in harmony with the surroundings.  

We are a family who runs an architectural studio in Portorož and rent holiday houses in the Istrian countryside. Many years of experience are hidden in the development of the project and in its execution but still it was a challenge to renovate the house without changing its character.

 Like a typical Istrian house, Vila Flora is not showing-off with abundant decoration. Thick stone walls,  wooden window shutters, stone and terracotta details are some of the essential architectural elements of the house, which will make your staying to a particular experience of culture and tradition.





Vila Flora Apartments

a delightful stay and a friendly welcome.